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Control Currency transactions: concept, types. Promissory note form calculations, practical part, option 9 of NGUEU

The paper discusses the essential and optional elements of tax law described currency transactions, considered promissory note form of settlement, given the solution of three practical tasks, which assessed the legitimacy of the requirements of the tax authority, in terms of the current legislation, the requirements of the current legislation that need to be performed by the Bank's management, given, that 6 months before the adoption of the above decision of territorial administration of the Central Bank across the Novosibirsk region provided a warning to the Bank on violation to do this, the Bank's economic norms of its activity, the concept of foreign exchange operations, referred to as types of foreign currency accounts, analyzed what kind of currency account will be opened. Educational institution-NGUEU, option 9.

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The theoretical part:

9. Essential and optional elements of the Tax law

19. Currency transactions: concept, types

29. Promissory note form of payment

The practical part:

Task # 9

By the decision of the court of general jurisdiction, the GAZ-24 car was recognized as unattended and transferred to the responsible storage of LLC Svet before evaluation and sale. Subsequently, OOO “Light” this car has lost.

The tax authority filed a claim to the arbitration court to recover the value of the lost property of LLC "Light" to the budget.

Evaluate the legality of the tax authority's requirements from the point of view of the current legislation.

What are the further actions of the administration of LLC "Light"?

Task # 19

The management of the commercial bank CJSC "Belaya" decided to submit an application for a license for the purchase and sale of foreign currency. Give the concept of currency values on the territory of Russia? Give the concept of economic standards for the activities of a commercial bank?

What requirements of the current legislation should be met by the bank's management, given that 6 months before the adoption of the above-mentioned decision, the territorial administration of the Central Bank for the Novosibirsk region issued a warning to the bank about the violation of the economic standards of its activities established for this bank?

Task # 29

CJSC "Svetloye" decided to open a foreign currency account for settlement with foreign suppliers.

Give the concept of currency transactions.

What are the types of foreign currency accounts.

What type of currency account will be opened?

What are the rules for working with the type of currency account that will be opened by CJSC "Svetloye"?



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