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Chapter 1. Theoretical foundations of controlling
1.1. Role and place of controlling in the organization management system
1.2. Goals and functions of controlling and self-controlling
Chapter 2. Controlling as an organization management tool
2.1. Classification of controlling tools
2.2. Controlling tools in project management of the organization
2.3. Strategic controlling tools in the organization management system

Relevance of the topic. Controlling is a new tool in the theory and practice of management. It combines elements of budgeting, management accounting, economic analysis and management. Controlling provides a methodological and instrumental basis for the implementation of the main management functions: planning, organization, management, motivation and control, and also serves as an auxiliary tool for an adequate understanding of the situation within the organization for making operational and strategic management decisions. Controlling is a tool for strategic and operational management of an enterprise, according to which management decisions are made that lead to the achievement of the goals set for the organization. Controlling is based on analytical work, comparison of planned indicators with actual ones, information support, coordination of work of all divisions of the organization.

The object of the study is controlling in the management of an organization.

The subject of the study they are controlling tools in the management system that allow you to adequately respond to changes in the external and internal environment of the enterprise.

The purpose of the study It is a scientific justification for the use of controlling tools in the organization's management system.

In accordance with this goal, the following tasks were set: tasks:

  1. Determine the role and place of controlling in the organization's management system;
  2. Explore the goals and functions of controlling and self-monitoring;
  3. Give a classification of controlling tools;
  4. Consider controlling tools in project management;
  5. To characterize the tools of strategic controlling in the organization's management system.

The structure of the work. The course work consists of an introduction, two chapters, a conclusion, a list of references and an appendix.

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