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Chapter I. The role and place of the Festival in social and cultural activities
1.1. The concept of the festival, the history of its origin and development
1.2. Structure and main functions of the Festival
Chapter II. Organizational aspects of the festival
2.1. Organizational basis for the preparation and holding of the Festival
2.2. Scenario-directing features of the festival organization
In the conditions of modern culture, the most relevant are synthetic forms of artistic practice, among which the festival occupies one of the leading positions today.
The relevance of the topic is due to the fact that the activation of the festival movement at the present stage of development of society is caused by the ability of this innovative form of representation of art to carry out global interaction and mass communication. The relevance of festivals, their active distribution, is associated with their possession of wider opportunities in contrast to other forms of exposure, for example, from traditional exhibitions.
Acute social problems, unlimited declared topics, implementation of international dialogue, demonstration of identity, sensitive response to the emergence of new technologies, implementation of curatorial strategy within the framework of the project, and, finally, the interaction of various types of human activity in a single space, aspects inherent in the festival as a phenomenon. These characteristics are the main reasons for the ever-increasing need for this type of project in different regions.
The demand for festivals is dictated by a number of cultural and socio-economic factors, and the public and political resonance of these projects also extends to the spheres of tourism and diplomacy. Festivals have a significant impact on the development of the world market, representing a range of the most popular figures and their works, forming demand and supply for certain e-projects. Over the past ten years, festivals have not surpassed museums and exhibition centers in terms of their cultural impact and public resonance, but at least they have become quite comparable with them.
Thus, the festival occupies a special area in the space of socio-cultural activity, characterized by a high degree of significance for society, the individual, and the sphere of international relations. M. M. Bakhtin quite logically called the festival "the primary form of human culture" [Bakhtin, 1990, p. 13], thereby indicating its permanent presence in all known cultures. Examples of well-known festivals are "Oktoberfest", "San Fermin", "Golden Mask", "KROK", and others.
The aim of the study is to study the festival as a form of socio-cultural activity.
The object of research is socio-cultural activity.
The subject of the research is the festival as a form of socio-cultural activity.
Objectives of the study:
1. Study the concept of the festival, the history of its origin and development.
2. Find out the structure and main functions of the festival.
3. Analyze the organizational basis for the preparation and holding of the festival.
4. Consider the scenario-directing features of the festival organization.
The methodological and theoretical basis of the research is the dialectical method of cognition, logical, comparative-legal, concrete-sociological, system-functional and other private methods of research work.
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