Summary of the Form of Government

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1. Structure and types of government
2. Forms of government
List of used literature
States of all these historical types differ significantly in the forms of state structure, in the forms of government.
The state structure is the territorial organization of the state, as well as the nature of the relationship of the state as a whole with its constituent territories, the central government with local authorities. According to the form of organization, states are divided into unitary (simple) and federal (complex).
The form of state government is the procedure for the formation of the supreme state power, the formation of its bodies and their relationship with the population. The main forms of government are the monarchy and the republic. Both of these forms of government originated in the ancient era. Throughout the history of mankind, they have undergone significant changes.
The aim of this work is to assess the theoretical features of the forms of state structure and government, as well as to identify the distinctive features between these two concepts.
To achieve this goal, you must complete the following tasks:
1. Evaluate the structure and types of government.
2. Analyze the forms of state government.
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