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The paper defines the concept of culture, studies technology and technology as part of culture, and considers the problem of the place of culture in technical reality.

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1. The concept of culture

2. Technique and technology as part of culture

3. The problem of the place of culture in technical reality



In the modern philosophical language, the concept of "culture" is one of the most common and ambiguous. Its use today goes far beyond its original, etymological meaning. The term "culture" (Latin cultura) is translated as "cultivation, cultivation, development, veneration"and implies at the early stages of its use a purposeful human impact on nature (tillage, etc.), as well as the upbringing and training of the person himself [6, p. 34].

Interest in culture and attempts to understand this complex phenomenon go back to ancient times. In the ancient consciousness, the concept of culture is identified with paideia, that is, education, education, which distinguished the Hellenes from the "uncultured" barbarians. Among the sophists and Cynics, we can see the opposition of nature as a phenomenon relatively constant to human law, or an establishment - changeable, arbitrary. Culture in this system of values is interpreted as a phenomenon less significant than nature.

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