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Control Formation of the state of Kievan Rus

The work examines the activities of the first Kievan princes in collecting Slavic tribes, describes the adoption of Christianity in Russia, and examines the culture of Kievan Rus of the IX-XX centuries. Place protection Sabert. Rating 5

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1. The activity of the first Kievan princes in collecting Slavic tribes

2. Adoption of Christianity in Russia

3. Culture of Kievan Rus



Both earlier and now there are disputes about the history of the Ancient Russian state. This is a problem of constant political speculation. The analysis of historical research shows that M. N. Pokrovsky was probably right when he defined history as a "policy overturned in the past".

In the 30 - 60 years of the XVIII century. German scientists Johann Gottfried Bayer and Gerard Friedrich Miller, tried to prove that the Old Russian state was created by the Varangians. They laid the foundation for the Norman theory of the origin of the Russian state. The extreme manifestation of the concept is the assertion that the Slavs, because of their inferiority, could not create a state, and then without foreign leadership were not able to manage it.

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