Abstract Differentiation and integration in the management system

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1. Differentiation in the management system
1.1. Definition, essence and meaning
1.2. Areas of activity where differentiation is applicable
1.3. Advantages of this process
1.4. Risks of differentiation
1.5. Example of applying this approach
2. Integration in the management system
2.1. Concept, features, forms and stages
2.2. Main directions of integration of Russian companies
2.3. A variety of integration processes on the example of construction companies
In modern conditions, the priority direction of reforming the country's economy is to develop the main theoretical and methodological positions on the application of management in Russian practice. This task is especially important at the level of enterprises that today have the right to economic independence and the disposal of labor results, for example, in the distribution of profits, the determination of material financial and labor resources that solve restructuring issues in an unstable economy.
The problems of improving the efficiency of enterprise development are largely determined by the organization of its management system, which in turn depends on a clear structure, the activities of all elements to achieve the goals set. And all these are the components of the concept of "management", without knowledge of the principles and methods of which it is impossible to manage today at any level of the hierarchical ladder.
The purpose of this paper is to consider and study the processes of differentiation and integration in the management system as levers of influence on the effectiveness of economic shifts of enterprises.
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