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Course Elizabeth 1 and 2 English: comparative characteristics

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Chapter 1. The Childhood of Elizabeth Tudor and Elizabeth Alexandra Mary
1.1. The Childhood of Elizabeth Tudor
1.2. Childhood Of Queen Elizabeth II
Chapter 2. Comparative characteristics of the behavior of Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II with the Parliament
2.1. Elizabeth I and the Parliament
2.2. Queen Elizabeth II in Parliament
Comparison table
List of sources and literature
Studies of the reign of Elizabeth I usually looked at the political line she pursued and rated it as good or bad, successful or failed. This assessment process assumes that the Queen could do as she wished: she could find answers to recognized national problems and implement them through a government mechanism. But the information and institutions at the Queen's disposal did not justify such an approach.. Instead, this work examines Elizabeth in terms of her capabilities, not in terms of her policies: it examines her relationships with other politicians and with institutions and groups in political life — asking how she stayed on the throne, not how she solved problems. For it was not easy to be a monarch in England — it was especially difficult to be a reigning queen.
45 years of the reign of Elizabeth the First is a golden period in the history of England, the renaissance of the Anglican Church and a time of brilliant naval victories. Lady of the seas-this is from the time when the invincible Spanish armada was defeated.
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a constitutional monarchy. This means that the monarch, in .....................
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