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Control Culture and cross-cultural interaction

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Task 1

Lecture 1

  1. Definition of culture
  2. What does the concept of "culture of peace" include?
  3. What is the basis of the combination of values, worldviews, traditions, behaviors and lifestyles of the culture of the world?

Lecture 2

  1. Activities of the General Assembly in support of a culture of peace
  2. Differentiation of the concepts of "traditional culture of peace" and "new culture of peace as harmony" or "harmonious world".
  3. The order of social harmony and disharmony of modern society

Lecture 3

  1. The importance of culture in society
  2. The essence of the concept of civilization
  3. Typology of civilizations

Lecture 4

  1. Connection of pedagogy and philosophy in Hesse
  2. Free education of Hesse
  3. The meaning of pedagogy, according to Hesse

Lecture 5

  1. Levels of cultural interaction
  2. Relationship of the concepts of "interaction" “mutual influence ”, & ldquo;mutual enrichment”
  3. The impact of globalization on the international dialogue of cultures

Task 2

Isayeva E. A. Speech culture as a component of a highly educated person / E. A. Isayeva / / Society: philosophy, history, Culture . – 2014. – No. 1. – p. 93 –97.

Task 3

Razumov V. I. Factors of modernization of society in transformations of science of education [Electronic resource] / V. I. Razumov // Intelligence. Culture. Education. – 2012. – # 3. – URL:– intellekt/57 –281 (accessed: 27.11.2014)

Task 4

Culture is:

The Dialogue of Cultures is:



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