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1 The concept of personnel
2. Principles of formation of personnel structure
public service
In modern conditions, the development of a new model of public administration requires a radical change in all personnel work. Since one of the priority tasks at the present stage is the "human factor".
Personnel policy, like any sphere of human activity, contains the potential of organizational and material factors and relations (reserves, funds, sources) that can be activated or used to achieve a specific goal. In personnel policy, such a" reserve " is human resources that can be used in the versatile development of society.
Personnel potential is a part of the labor professionally trained resources of the company that are able to participate in existing types of labor activity.
The personnel potential of public service bodies reflects the totality of social opportunities of people engaged in the managerial sphere of state activity, which can be put into action, used to solve certain tasks, problems, and achieve set goals.
Among the main practical tasks should include improving the civil service system and state personnel policies, the creation of a new system of work with personnel, professional development of staff in state and municipal service, network expansion and quality upgrade of state educational agencies and personnel services of public authorities, the development of international experience in human resources management. In practice, these tasks are solved slowly, inconsistently, and inconsistently.
In my opinion, the relevance of the problem of studying and managing the development of personnel is obvious.
The subject of the study is the personnel composition of state authorities.
The purpose is to consider the formation of the personnel structure of state authorities.
Objectives of the work: to study the concept and procedure for the formation of personnel.
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