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Abstract Public service as an open system

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1. The current state of openness of the civil service in Russia
2. Analysis of the openness of the public service body (on the example of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation)
3. Ensuring the openness of the civil service of the Russian Federation
Information openness and transparency of the activities of government bodies at any level is an integral criterion for a comprehensive assessment of the effectiveness of state and municipal management.
The presumption of transparency and openness is the basis of the organization and activity of public authorities. The principle of openness and free access to information on the activities of state authorities and local self-government bodies is aimed at ensuring transparency of the work of the public sector, open public access to official information, except in cases established by federal law. However, a sharp increase in the flow of information, both external and intra-industry, makes us look for new ways and methods of organizing the reception, processing and transmission of information flows.
Thus, ensuring free access to information about the activities of public authorities is an administrative function of the state. In practice, the principles of openness and transparency are implemented in various ways or forms of activity of public authorities.
The aim of the work is to study the public service as an open system.
1. Consider the development of the institute of openness of the state civil service in Russia.
2. To analyze the openness of the public service body (on the example of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation).
3. Determine the transparency of the public service of the Russian Federation
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